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What gardeners like you are saying:

Mike - Westfield, MA

"Thanks for the email! I love your product and had superb results in my garden last year. It really made a difference with the peppers and tomatoes. With this order I am planning to use it with my cannabis plants that I have growing now."

Mia - Amherst, MA

"Once I bought the quart of [MY PRODUCT], I had a great excuse to start my garden from seed. [MY PRODUCT] definitely gave me a confidence boost as new gardener."

Carlos - Newton, MA

"We planted 8 tomato plants, some lettuce, basil and rosemary. I am happy to inform that the plants are healthy, large and seem to be growing fast and steady. I did use quality soil, added your material to it and also have been watering with fertilizer. This is something I always did (except for your product) but this year the results are impressive. So, I have to credit your product for the amazing success!!"

Chris - Charleston, SC

"Lot's of fruit on the bushes. Gonna be crazy. Can tell a huge difference!"

Linda - Humarock, MA

"Tomato seeds after 4 days with [MY PRODUCT] in a sunny window Love this product"

Louis - Boston, MA

"Seed to sprout in 3 days! Now I don't feel like a plant killer."

Christel - Boston, MA

Someone even asked me today what I was feeding my plants to get so many healthy looking tomatoes and I just said I used your product... [REGISTER FOR MY LIVE EVENT TO LEARN MORE]

Jack - Carmel, NY

I love it. I planted a dormant dogwood, and used a fair amount of char. Keep in mind that we've had 2 scant rainy days in 3 months or east. Not only is that tree THRIVING, but the only grass on my entire lawn that isn't brown is an 8 foot diameter circle of lush green grass that surrounds the dogwood tree. The tree isn't doing it; it has to be your product. I'm sold!

I planted a new garden bed this spring, using a handful of [MY PRODUCT] per plant. It's the only area where I still have color, and the grass surrounding the bed is lush. No complaints from me


Donna - Hamden, CT

BTW, much success with [MY PRODUCT] vs. Jumping worms. Again, its a process but the raised beds with the most [MY PRODUCT] appear to be jumping worm free. Also added it to my compost bin BC it was infested. I pulled many large worms out and I haven't seen a reemergence but another contributing factor may have been heat so don't know for sure about that.....again, always a process!

Thanks for the learning opportunity!